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Champs Sports is an American sports retail store, it operates as a subsidiary of Foot Locker. Products sold at Champs Sports include apparel, equipment, footwear, and accessories. As of June 2019, there were 540 store locations found throughout the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. The stores are mainly located in shopping malls.

Customer Angelica angrily shared, "If I could give Champs Sports 0/5 stars, I would. This brand has consistently been inconsistent regarding online orders. On their website, they do not accurately represent the available stock, resulting in a very messy process of returns and refunds. I have tried numerous times to order shoes from this company and each time I have had them confirm my order, process my payment on my credit card, and THEN e-mail to notify me that my order has been cancelled due to lack of item availability. The ability to try and contact customer service has always been difficult, but has been even worse considering the COVID-19 pandemic. Their procedure for receiving this refund for the cancelled order is unclear and confusing, making it difficult to move forward on the customer's end regarding the refund on their card. Previous experiences regarding orders I placed to be shipped in store involve the company not calling or e-mailing me to notify me my order has been shipped and arrived in store. The employee's explicitly stated I would receive a call or e-mail regarding my order arrival. I would wait 2+ weeks after the arrival of my items to actually physically visit the store to ask and receive them. Overall, poor experience with this company and will not continue to purchase items from them in the future. I would not recommend placing any orders (in store or online). If the item is there, that's the best bet you'll have with Champs Sports."


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Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"Cluttered schedule constant callouts. If you are part time expect 0 hours overtime and if somehow get overtime you will be punished but be begged to stay late and work holidays. Spent 5 years there 4 of which were with an amazing manager who wanted me to be promoted. Do the work of every position in the store and get a sticker and a printed letter. If you were a black hoody underneath your uniform which looks good and is comfortable for winter be prepared to be forced to take it off and where a grey or white one underneath. Did the best while holding other jobs. Until they put me on 1 day and could not seem to make a schedule work with my other job. So eventually i was out the system and didnt work there as my other job at best buy was the best time of my life. Fast forward a year covid hits. I go on unemployment and for some reason champs company said that i denied a job which i never did because it was a year prior and disquallified me for unemployment. Worst company to work for the discount is not worth it in the slightest. Maybe it was just my store but you never know. Cons: Short breaks. Terrible hours. Bi weekly pay. Send w2s extremely late and make it impossible to get"

Cahsier (Former Employee) says

"This places sucks to work. If you dont want to make any money at all and want to constantly be around employees who are sick of covid then by all means work there. The pay was trash and so was management. Cons: Short breaks, underpaid, still letting sick employees come into work"

Associate (Former Employee) says

"Horrible company , non consistency, over workload on their employees, low pay rate. company never go by their own policy , they only follow policy when it comes to covering for the company (Not employee’s ).Give customers misused, run around replies that makes them distraught when entering stores."

Cashier/Customer Service (Former Employee) says

"This is absolutely the worst company and employees I have ever worked with. The work place is not professional; I was sexually harassed, had my schedule changed without notice, and I’m professional mangers. I will never work for them again. It’s a very negative work environment. I go to work to do my job and get paid , not deal with associate drama. Cons: Short breaks, pay was awful, hours were bad, management unprofessional"

Retail Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"They suck and love favoritism over people who love to start drama which causes conflict in front of customers which is unacceptable. As well as a lot of drug abuse on the premises"

Manager (Former Employee) says

"Company continue to pass out wrongful termination meal rest break compensation checks for their mishaps. Dont waste your time. Its not worth it. Better shoe companies out their"

Cashier (Former Employee) says

"Things may have changed since when I've last worked here. I know the management team has changed since 2015 (when I last worked there). The culture there is competitive over teamwork because of pay being commission and also hours are limited based on how well the store is doing. Everyday is different, some days are really busy and then some days are really slow. Weekends tend to be busier than Weekdays. Nights tend to be busier than mornings. I learned how to cash handle and gained face to face customer service."

Champs Sports (Former Employee) says

"the management team sucked they would literally make you seem like you was in the wrong i swear it was a bad experience working there the people there would speak about each other and it wasnt a good place to work at the trust there was bad and noone worked as a team"

Sales Associate (Current Employee) says

"To an older management. If you know then you know. Man oh man. Bring me back chief. I was there for part time, he kept cutting my hours. He thinks it’s a dictatorship."

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"This job sucked tbh! There is no room for growth and very little pay! Commission at those stores are a scam to get you to work harder and honestly not get paid much! This is a job for teenagers and sneaker resellers! Management hogs all the release date sneakers to sell for extra money and leave sales associates with no chance of getting the shoe or the employee discount on the shoe. Management only keeps the minimum of workers at work so one manager and one employee for majority of the day, because there are managerial bonuses for staying under hours! This leads us to being robbed for merchandise at rapid rates! The DMs never check up on low volume stores and are pretty trash at their job! Cons: Everything"

Store Manager (Former Employee) says

"It wasn't any fun working for free and not being paid for when I have a family I'M trying to provide for. This was a big stress issue that brought issues at home . Cons: over worked"

Footlocker Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"This job is for teens in highschool part time really the pay is low what they don’t tell you is you get paid on which check is higher not hourly and commission so if your hourly pay those 2 weeks was higher then you don’t get paid the commission only full time gets paid both and still isn’t enough they have bad communication or the hours are inconsistent one week you will work 10 hours then the next like 3 this is not a place to work for but the discount is great honestly if you want to work here get another job full time if you want because you can literally work here once every 2 weeks or once a month and still get your discount they give you the discount card after 2 weeks Cons: Bad pay and bad hours"

Sales Associate (Current Employee) says

"Most days were slow due to low traffic. I learned to communicate with customers and how to use a cash register to handle money transactions. Hardest part of the job was the stress that came from it."

LEAD CASHIER (Former Employee) says

"Champs Aka Footlocker Inc is not a good company to work for. Now if your 18 years old and have nothing to do with your time or life than by all means go work for this company, but if you are an adult looking to make real money this job is not for you. This job will stress you out for no reason. Management is rude. Cons: alot of cons"

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"way too demanding in sales and i dind tlike ti even though it was my first job, but it taught me alot and helped me build myself for my next job that would follow"

Stock Associate (Former Employee) says

"Bad experience they moved the store and got rid of all the old employees and got a whole new staff. I used to love this place and now i just feel undervalued as a person who put my all into the job."

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"Not the worst place to work but the management makes it terrible in that very toxic environment. Working there doesn’t make you feel the need to learn or grow to your advancement and only cares about company needs and wants and gains."

Anonymous (Former Employee) says

"Dedicated my life to Champs only to be unappreciated by a staff of undesirables and terminated by a manager from a completely different branch of Footlocker Inc. that doesn't't even do her job correctly and to the fullest effort. I complained to HR about how I was treated and instead of handling the problem I was terminated because of how long the general manager that wasn't fulfilling all of her obligations had been with the company prior. I do not recommend working at Champs. The discount is nice and the pay is moderate at best but the staff , the atmosphere, and the animosity is way too much to handle. I've honestly never seen a group of individuals that enjoy the satisfaction of jeopardizing someone's livelihood. Do not apply for this job you will regret it. Cons: 30 minute breaks for 12 hour shifts, hostile environment, and terrible HR"

Sales Associate (Current Employee) says

"They are sexist, pushy with selling things to customers that they don't want/need, take advantage of everyone."

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"The store I worked at in my young age lacked organization and proper operating procedures. There was a very well know sense of favoritism and lack of fairness."

Former Employee - Sales Associate says

"I worked at Champs Sports part-time Cons: Bad Overall Work Environment Here"

Current Employee - Sales Associate says

"I have been working at Champs Sports part-time Cons: People. And there attitude And N/A"

Former Employee - Retail Manager says

"I worked at Champs Sports full-time for more than 5 years Cons: Terrible work life/balance. Unrealistic work demands set for managers to accommodate company profitability. Asked to maintain high amounts of merchandise with very little staff. No regard for employees personal life/emergencies."

Former Employee - Assistant Manager says

"I worked at Champs Sports full-time for more than 3 years Cons: little pay , want you to work a lot of hours for little pay"

Former Employee - Lead Sales Associate says

"I worked at Champs Sports full-time Cons: The company doesn't care about employees at all. If you get put on a slow shift and your numbers aren't the same as those on better shifts, your hours will get cut."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Champs Sports part-time Cons: Management sucks, terrible at teaching people things"

Former Employee - Retail Sales Associate says

"I worked at Champs Sports part-time for more than 8 years Cons: Working in sales it’s hard to know if you get all your sales in a day because a lot of the time other associates tend to steal your sale and put it as theirs or if the cashier doesn’t get along with you they will give it to someone else. There is always drama in retail but there were some good former employees. Management plays favorites. Management will talk about every employee not in a good way. When working in sales management practically makes you chase every customer making the experience and connection not genuine. When you don’t end up making as many sales as other associates management makes you feel like crap by talking down on you. They will cut your hours to make an example out of you. When doing inventory or shipment try to stay as far away as possible from that duty because you get dust mites all over you."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Champs Sports part-time for less than a year Cons: Pay rate and commission The manager sucked and plays favoritism, she's juking the system and playing all of her part time employees, she hides behind her assistant manager and makes them do her dirty work! I would NOT RECOMMEND WORKING HERE!!!!"

Former Employee - Assistant Store Manager says

"I worked at Champs Sports full-time for less than a year Cons: - If this is not your first job, you know that 30% off some shoes won't bring food to the table. - Kids soon realize that they all the money that they earned from their 10h week it's going back to the company because they get paid and spend their money buying shoes with the 30% off. It's really funny to see their faces when they realize that, haha! - Pay is low. Like REALLY low, even if you are an assistant manager. - Huge turnover, especially when we talk about the management team. Once that associate that you promoted from sales to a management position figures out that the 30% won't cut, he/she is out. - Too laid-back due to hiring a lot of people with no experience in retail. I mean, this is still a business and needs to be run like one. - Only 30min lunches. I mean, seriously? Haha! - No work/life balance as, if you are part of the management team, you will probably work some overtime. I'd open AND close the store (same day) at least once a week. With my 30min lunch, haha! - I felt like the company does not really care about the associates. Corporate, of course, knows that the pay is really low but they kinda want see how long they can keep you for before you quit. Once you quit, they promote another sales associate to an assistant manager position, give this guy another extra dollar and the "process / circle" starts again. Soon that person realizes that, with "assistant manager" under his/hers resume, they can go to another company so they can make more money and they quit. Like Simba says, "it's the circle of life". I could keep going but this is enough. Run from this place :)"

Former Employee - Assistant Manager says

"I worked at Champs Sports full-time for more than a year Cons: Horrible turnaround employees left way too often, managent gets pushed up, not brought up. Example being if you stick around long enough you can get a management position, you dont have to know much. They basically make sure you can count money, clean, and fill out pre-written emails and your considered management material. Very unprofessional, the management team around champs is undertrained, and unprofessional. Example, We hired an associate to "compete" for a full time position, but when i was leaving my manager laughed when she asked for the oppurtunity to continue the training and fill the soon to be open position. Compensation was horrible, better off working fast food or big box store."

TJ says

"Champs Sports website is the worst on every single level. Every time I try to buy anything, there is an error or sold out or some shit like that. Yet the website still says it\'s still in stock. Get with the program Champs. You SUCK! I\'m going to other stores."

Andre Gauthier says

"Called the store and the clerk said she spoke to the manager and they would swap if not worn. Exactly 47 minutes after the initial purchase we returned and the manager said he changed his mind. I had to PULL TEETH to swap the pristine unworn $200 shoes purchased 47 minutes before. Never returning - and I easily spend +$1000 a year there. Seeee Yaaaaaaa"

Miss.C.L says

"Awful company, had to contact citizens advice due to not receiving a refund; its now been 3 months. Poor customer service which haven't dealt with any contact I've made with them. I'm now having to contact an ombudsman to deal with the complaint. Definitely do not use, wish I'd read the reviews before I made the order."

Eric says

"There are people buy 6/7/8 pairs with robots and when we do register for raffle with the app we don’t get it’s I have done the raffle for past 7 releases and didn’t get it and when u go on website it’s crashes for hours how are we suppose to get shoes we need to go back to line ups and I store raffles this app is trash fix ur app or make more shoes people resell for thousands tits not fair to the people that try and try and never get it it’s giving footlocker a bad rep I own many pairs of shoes and this is just ridiculous that we have to go through so much just for shoes"

Warren says

"Footlocker should start fixing their online sneakers buying. A lot of people who don’t have connections and knows about bots including me, can’t get access anymore on site."

Me ..... says

"Was waiting for 3 hours in line on the website to get a pair of sneakers - made it a point to be on the website at the launch time. After waiting for 3 hours it let me to go to the sneakers page, but says “sold”. Very funny, they just are trying to create some fake hype...., but their website, the same as their customer service is below zero."

Louise Blake says

"Purchased a pair of trainers for my daughter in December, they were too small and so I returned them via UPS. UPS confirmed that the trainers had been returned back to Foot Locker on the 7th Jan 2021. We are now in March and still no refund despite numerous emails, complaints, follow ups etc. They do not even respond back to you! They are the worst company ever and should not be allowed to trade if they can’t service the demand. They are robbing customers of their money and by the looks of it, they continue to do so and are not fit for purpose. This company needs to be investigated by the regulators as how they are treating customers is disgusting and unlawful!"

Μηνάς Πουλής says

"Their webiste is absolutely trash, it souldnt be allowed a company of this size to not have a properly working website. I have been inside the site for 1 and a half hour for some new shoes and when they drop firstly it doesnt even let me add them to my cart and then it throws me to waiting line for trying too many times. Trash website there is no other way to put it. Fix it someday."

John says

"The way they handle special online releases is a joke. No raffles. Just endless queues that benefit the bots. Totally unfair and antiquated way of selling kicks in 2021. Won't ever buy anything at this store."

Micheal says

"When there's a new trainer dropping its impossible to get. Sat in queues for hours, even though you're browsing the site BEFORE the queues start. They sell out all give all the trainers to bots. AVOID at all costs. Take your chances elsewhere"

Connor William Deacon says

"Awful customer service my order was lost but shown as delivered. There is no actual people to speak to just a live chat bot which is completely useless I have no way if getting a refund for my lost order as it shows delivered, there's no person to speak to and they have insufficient ways to do so on their website. DO NOT USE FOOTLOCKER."

John W says

"I wish I could give no stars but Trustpilot won't allow me. We need to stop buying any products from all the footsites and drive them out of business. The reason I feel this way and hundreds of others that follow me is the fact that they give people like me that have never owned a so called sneaker bot zero opportunity to get a pair of Jordon 1's or Yeezy's on release day. I tried to get lucky this morning but literally after 2 minutes of trying to add a size to cart, they blocked me thinking I was a bot? What are they are they talking about?????????????So I get blocked but I see people running bots getting multiple pairs with ease and bragging about it. FYI...footsites, I'm going full bore into doing what I can to block you from normal customers like myself!!!!!"

Mark Larden says

"Foot locker are an absolute disgrace bought a pair of Black and Red Nike TNS They have sent a pair that are scuffed from back to front and mud clearly visible on the bottom of the shoes and clearly worn down at the back. They are now saying they can't exchange them and to send them back. This is not acceptable when they are sending products you would expect from a dodgy ebay seller and a backstreet market not a so called big chain that supplies trainers. Then they try to insult me by offering 10% off they are taking the mick and I am not accepting the state they came in. And I will be taking it further because there is no excuse for any company to send trainers like that they are a shambles. Their customer service is a shambles to boot. Avoid at all costs and find a trainer supplier that actually gives you what you paid for."

Katie Wade says

"Returned a pair of trainers nearly a month ago and still no refund. Contacted twice and given the same rubbish about how covid & Christmas mean that things are slow. Yet the same day I returned something to Reebok and got refunded within a week and returned other things to other brands since with no worries. Delivery was quick if I'd wanted to keep the shoes but as they didn't fit I want my money back! Don't offer online sales if you can't cope with the demand. Won't shop with them again"

Aimee says

"Absolutely joke of a company! Orders Nike air max TNs and was send puma trainers! Started off December so returned the item! Now been 3 months and still chasing daily for my refund for them to now tel me the refund has been rejected with no reason and they will send me the puma trainers back! I spent over £150 for trainers for them to send me back puma trainers! Absolutely joke of a company! Raised 3 complaints and not once have I been contacted! Live chat every day but the agents say they can’t do anything they will get it looked in to, saying there busy because if Chris don’t brexit! And now Covid! Absolute scam company!"

Falik says

"They are theif. They will take your money but never refund it. I bought airmax 270 shoes and air bubble popped. They asked me to send it back I sent it 21 of January, they said your refund has been authorized and we will refund your money soon, it’s 25 of February still haven’t received any refund. Footlocker is keep telling me we are investigating why refund hasn’t been issued yet. Don’t buy anything they are thief"

Alefosio Paese says

"The online store was great in the beginning so the process was very straight forward until I received only part of my order with a follow up email that some of the items I purchased was not in stock!!!! Which they didnt tell me until I emailed them to ask where the rest of my order was. I checked my bank acc and the still charged me for the full order. If they didnt screw up then it would of been a easy 10/10."

Rowan Das says

"Their website is a scam. They put up deals, that are already gone, garbage company, do not give them ur money."

Geeta says

"Worst company ever, will never order from them again. I purchased trainers for Christmas and sent them back first week of Jan, I still have no refund. They keep advising they are extremely busy and will refund the money, I still am waiting. They really don't care"

Janea D Zaragoza says

"Footlocker you let us down. We purchased mine and my daughters first pair of cardi b valentines shoes and you took my money to only cancel the order 6 days later... @iamcardib I still have yet to receive my money for these two orders. You need to stop selling things you do not have. Cardi this is how your customers are getting treated. 😥😥😭"

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